4 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

If you are thinking about starting a blog or if you have not yet decided to start your own blog or thinking of how do I start one? Now is the time to start creating a blog.

Here’s are 4 main reasons why you should blog.

1. All Search Engine Love Blogs

It’s well known fact that search engine love blogs and you will be surprised to know that some blogs get a higher ranking than most static websites do. Also in some case studies I had made, Blogs get ranked faster and much easier just by doing some simple SEO on their which is so easy with all the plugging’s you have with blogs this makes it a lot easier to rank in search engines.

2. Its a Fantastically Great Tool To Communicate With Your Readers

If you’ve not noticed in today’s marketing world, or have seen there are a lot of marketers are using the blog platform to communicate with their customers.

Blogs are also by nature of what they are very easy up date with content dependant on your niche or market. There are many fortune 500 companies using this platform such as Amazon,Ebay, BBC, reason why as there are always adding content.(CMS) Blogs are (Content Managment Systems)

The reason you also want to communicate with your reader is because once you build a relationship with them  the chances of getting them to buy a product or service would also be much greater than if you did not have a relationship.

(One of the most Important things to Remember in a Blog if you choose to start one is Communication and realationship building)

3. This Form of Communication Enables You To Get Loyal Readers followers and prospects.

One thing that I love the most about blogging is you not only get to create a mailing list for yourself using an auto-responders service, such as Mail-chimp, AWEBBER, GET-RESPONSE, There is a ton out there some free some paid for Mail-chimp is FREE in doing this it allows you get a chance to create loyal readers of your blog.

For example for every post that I put on my blog there will be over 4,300 RSS readers who would also read the blog post and read them almost everyday.

4. You Can Earn More With Your Blog!

While most internet marketers focus on just generating a list, they lack the ability to earn more from revenue from their blog. Areas such placing advertisement on your blog, doing reviews on products or services, affiliate marketing sales from your blog post are very rewarding 🙂

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